Real Estate Baltimore Drone Photography and Videography

Real Estate Baltimore Drone Photography and Videography

Who wouldn’t appreciate looking at the aerial view of the neighborhood he/she is planning to move to? Baltimore Real Estate Drone Photography has drastically changed with the fascinating inventions in photography, so much so that no real estate video is completed without an aerial shoot in it nowadays.

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When opposed to standing with two feet on the ground, drone photography offers a distinct perspective and an unlimited number of creative options. Drone photography, on the other hand, combines two technologies and thus is somewhat different from normal photography. Therefore, drone videos require relevant skills as well as somebody who knows how to use a drone to its max potential.

Buyers look for transparency when buying a house. They need to know what they are getting into and thus real estate marketing is changing at a breakneck pace.

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Aerial photographs of listings depicting the whole property and its surroundings are now legal to be displayed by real estate professionals; after all, what better way to promote a home’s wonderful pool or huge yard than with an aerial view?

Alternatively, agents might wish to highlight its proximity to a beach or another desired locale. Not just in the real estate market, drone photography is also becoming popular with weddings as well or just with capturing scenes that cannot be properly comprehended.

The real estate drone photography and videography

Operating and flying the drone is an amazing art form of photography. Learning to operate your drone will allow you to acquire the finest aerial photos while also lowering the danger of harming your equipment.

In drone footage, we have to understand the different flight modes. Aside from that, I worked with the gimbal and used the remote control to keep the drone stable while shooting stills. Drone movement in video can generate cinematic effects, but start small.

Understanding your drone goes hand in hand with understanding your camera, whether you have a drone with a built-in camera like the DJI Mavic Pro, a drone with an attached GoPro, or even a mirrorless camera on board.

To begin, become familiar with the most critical camera settings for aerial photography.

The right way of showcasing your property through aerial photography

The only right way to showcase property is through drone footage of the residential area. There are no two ways about it. Real estate agents to sell listing faster must get the drone video and drone photography as the traditional photos are statistically proven to grab the attention slower.

The images taken by the drone set a far better feel for the lay of the land. Therefore, Realtors are hiring certified drone experts for this job.

Baltimore, Maryland real estate drone photography

Baltimore real estate drone photography allows you to the best packages to get your property covered. Starting from only $145.00 for 30-second aerial footage, that too of 4k quality allowing you best capture your property and its surrounding. Not only that Baltimore real estate drone photography we deliver in only one day for you to timely market your project.

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Secondly, for those who wish to get drone photos. The aerial photography package starts at $95.00 and is a terrific method to show off the land, views, proximity to a lake, neighbourhood location, and more. Aerial photography is an effective marketing and sales tool.

Baltimore drone real estate photography service

Drone images provide new viewpoints, highlight your business in a new light, and help you stand out both online and in person. Drone photos boost your marketing and create an instant impact with customers, whether you want to generate excitement on social media or sell properties faster.

Aerial images with high resolution will assist you in the following ways:

  • Make a Statement on Social Media
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Sell More Properties
  • Illustrate Project Progress
  • Elevate Your Brand Image
  • Tell Your Brand Story

Drones have become so freely available that they are now considered a fun gadget to own.

Taking into account all of the factors that would be normally considered when working on a standard photographic assignment are:

The composition required for aerial photography:

To take good images, one must consider basic composition guidelines and aesthetics. This holds for every type of photography. Aerial photography is included in the package. Photographers look for leading lines and consider applying them.

Lightly used for aerial photography:

The light is an important element of photography because it glorifies everything. Images will be affected by whether you shoot during the day or at night. Consider the extended shadows cast by the late-day light. The golden and blue hours are still relevant in drone photography and can give you spectacular images.

Colors, patterns, geometric shapes, and textures:

Look for patterns, forms, and textures that can help you create great photographs. All in all, Look around for any brightly colored elements that will stick out and add attention to your photo.

The next big thing is using drone footage to produce stunning marketing and event recap videos! Festivals and concerts are typically larger events that necessitate extensive organization to function well.

Drone photography is an excellent way to ensure that your hard work goes unrecognized. Event planners can now show off event sites, attendance, and set up like never before from an aerial view.

FAQs related to Real Estate Drone Photography


How much price can I charge for drone photography?

Drone photography might cost anywhere between $70 and $250 per hour. Alternatively, it can cost anything from $150 to $350 per project. Up to 15 high-resolution professional aerial photographs would be included in the final product. If you wish to include a professionally edited drone film in addition to the images, the cost could rise to $500 or more.

How much does drone footage cost?

That depends on the kind of package you choose. However, the current market rates are:

  • Hourly Rate on Average: $160 Hourly
  • Minimum Rate: $70
  • Hourly Rate Maximum: $250

Is drone photography in demand?

In today’s era, technology changed the world a little more advanced. As a result, it’s no wonder that drones have matured from a passing novelty to a full-fledged economic prospect. Aerial photography is more popular than ever, especially if you’re trying to establish a side business or a new business that could be profitable.

The price of a commercial drone service

Commercial drone service providers can charge anything from $100 to $500 per hour, depending on the business, with the most common rate being around $150 per hour.